My selected projects

This is a curated set of projects case studies showcasing my diverse experience across industries like Consumer Electronics, Enterprise Software, Data Analytics, and Conversational AI.
Building a UX Organization
Built a brand new design team at Google and introduced a user centered and research driven design culture within the organization while building, growing, and nurturing a fully functional design organization at Google scale.
Designing a chatbot platform
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Solving the complex problem of conversational AI for enterprise.
Transforming last mile retail
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Proving last mile retail visibility to the CPG companies in developing countries where 94% of the business happens in unmonitored Mom-n-Pop stores.
Simplifying the TV Remote
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The existing range of Philips remote controls were too intimidating.

- Too many buttons
- Heads-Down experience
- Memorization vs. Memorability
- Not enough consistency across different remotes

This is a case study about re-imagining the TV remote control experience grounds-up.