A way to express

As a designer, maker, and tinkerer, my thoughts run all over the place and I find writing is the best way for me to not only document and capture these thoughts but also to share and create a healthy debate on these topics.
Designing with AI
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‘Prompts’ are the new design tool
  • Here is a detailed account of my thoughts and learnings from exploring 'Midjourney' and prompt engineering to understand the intricacies of complex AI models and how to best leverage them to generate the desired results.
Design Considerations for Conversational UX
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Thoughts on building a design framework for conversational UX
  • Trying to understand the nuances of how we can effectively communicate with machines using natural language.
Log-in to unsubscribe
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This is my personal experience of raising awareness around UX dark patterns
  • Through this article and later sharing it on social media, I was able to get the attention of the CEO who was able to make changes to their unsubscribe process and eventually stop using the dark design pattern.
  • This taught me that if you really want to bring about change, don't stay quiet, you will be able to have a big impact with your voice.
From Human Centered Design to Humanising Computers
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My thoughts on conversational UX
    Fibonacci Word
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    • I have always been excited by how code can generate design and have been using Processing since early 2000. Since then coding has been a hobby and I have been pursuing it till today. This short article is a demonstration of using code to generate fractal images. Hope you enjoy reading it :)