Values server as a foundation to my approach to design leadership. They help guide every decision I make and most importantly, these values help me and my teams build a culture we all love and thrive in.
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Empower individuals to enleash their full potential
  • Building a culture of experimentation and removing the fear of failure.
  • Creating flexibility for individuals to craft their own career paths.
  • Learning from each other and providing guidance and opportunities to grow into T, V, Y, Z, or any shape.
Continual learning
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Growing the design skills and developing domain expertise
  • Learn from each other
  • Show and Tell vs. Preach
  • Develop deep domain expertise to help drive the vision and strategy
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Fostering an environment where diverse perspectives thrive
  • Providing opportunities for cross pollination of ideas.
  • Defining and shaping the UX culture within an organization.
  • Help build alliances