I always believe that I am successful when my team and my partners are successful.

To make this happen, I follow these values that help me guide my decisions and stay focused.
Value individuals
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Building and nurturing a team around shared values and culture.
  • Create a happy and healthy team that thrives on feedback.
  • Developing careers paths and growth opportunities for the team.
  • Leveraging complementary skills vs. creating internal competition.
Seeking and sharing knowledge
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Growing the design skills and developing domain expertise
  • Learn from each other
  • Show and Tell vs. Preach
  • Develop deep domain expertise to help drive the vision and strategy
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Enabling cross functional teams to have impact at scale by developing shared goals and vision.
  • Creating an environment for my team to experiment, innovate, fail, and learn without fear.
  • Defining and shaping the UX culture within an organization.
  • Building alliances